COVID-19 Update

Downhill Southeast has released a revised schedule on 5/8/20 featuring 4 races for summer 2020. All races will follow local/state law with discretion for social distancing. 

Online Registration Only

To practice social distancing, registration for each event will only be available online through Bike Reg. There is NO ONSITE REGISTRATION. Riders will be emailed the mountain waiver before the race and asked to please print and bring to the race. Number plates / event packets will be available for quick pickup at the event.

USA Cycling Sanctioning

All of our events (except Beech Mountain) are USA Cycling sanctioned. Riders must have a valid USA Cycling license to enter the race. One day licenses are available for riders without a USA Cycling license for $10.

Timing and Scoring

Downhill Southeast has partnered with Zone 4 timing for all of their events. Racers will start at 30 second intervals with a 3 minute break between categories. Riders will start based on their  seeding position (Pro / Cat 1) or series points standing (Cat 2 / 3). Start lists will be posted on the morning of each race. Live timing links will be posted for each event.


Early Bird Pricing: 

$90 Cat 2/3

$105 Cat 1/ Pro

*Limited to the first 50 entries for each race

Standard Pricing:

$100 Cat 2/3

$115 Cat 1/ Pro

Late Registration:

$10 fee will be applied to all registrations the week of the race (Starting the Monday prior)

This pricing includes entry to the race and two days of lift tickets during the event. The price difference is due to the seeding run for Pro / Cat 1 riders.


Pro and Cat 1 racers have an optional seeding run on Saturday afternoon. The start order for the race will be built off the seeding results. Riders who do not take a seeding run will be added to the beginning of the start order for their category.

Race Courses

Each Downhill Southeast event will have two race courses (Pro / Cat 1 and Cat 2 / 3) Each category will race on their respective course. Single crown riders will use the Cat 2 / 3 course. 

Women's Bring a Buddy System

Any registered female racer can bring a friend to race for free. Anyone participating in the "Bring a Buddy System" must check in on-site Saturday from 9am-2pm to be entered into the race.


The top three finishers in each category will be recognized on the podium following each race. All podium finishers will receive a medal / trophy as well as prizes / pro purse.


Downhill Southeast recognizes the following race categories:

Pro Men

Pro Women / Cat 1 Women

Cat 1 Junior Men 0-18

Cat 1 Men 19-39

Cat 1 Men 40+

Cat 2 / 3 Women

Cat 2 / 3 Junior Men 0-14

Cat 2 / 3 Junior Men 15-18

Cat 2 / 3 Men 19-39

Cat 2 /3 Men 40+

Cat 2/3 Men 50+

Single Crown Open (Enduro / Trail Bike)

*Cat 3 = Novice*

Overall Series Points

Downhill Southeast will update series points on the Monday following each race. The best 4 out of 5 results will count towards the overall series championship for each category. Top 3 in each category will be recognized for the overall championship. Must be present at finals to win.

Series Points Breakdown

Downhill Southeast will award points as follows for each race:

26 = 1st

23 = 2nd

21 = 3rd

19 = 4th

18 = 5th

17 = 6th

16 = 7th

15 = 8th

14 = 9th

13 = 10th

12 = 11th

11 = 12th

10 = 13th

9 = 14th

8 = 15th 

7 = 16th

6 = 17th

5 = 18th

4 = 19th

3 = 20th

2 = 21st 

1 = All finishers after 21st